Villa Serena Healthcare Center COVID-19 Protocols

We provide the highest possible standard of care, driven by our philosophy that each staff member gives the same level of care they would want for their own loved ones.

Care & Handling within a new environment

High touch areas are cleaned and disinfected every two hours and as needed. All rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily and as needed.

Family members and friends may come to the facility and visit through social distancing – six feet apart. Masks and prescreening protocols will be in place. Residents may also visit with their family and friends via electronic visits, i.e.,. IPads, facetime.  We have a nice front patio in which they can visit through the large open window while practicing social distancing. Also, an outside back patio with plenty of room where they can visit in person while practicing social distancing.
The facility test staff and residents according to Los Angeles County’s Covid-19 positivity rate.  Currently, LA County is at 3.4%, we are testing once a week for residents and staff.
Because we are a close knit community. Our Social Services department has close contact with our family members via email or phone calls weekly.  In instances of a positive Covid-19 case, our Social Services Director will notify all families or responsible parties by the end of the next business day.  Residents are kept updated on Covid-19 cases by the Activities Department and Social Services Department on a weekly basis and as needed.
Residents who are in quarantine or isolation are provided in-room activities by the Activity Departments on a daily basis. The Activity Department makes morning rounds with coffee, juice and pastries. Afternoon rounds are fruit punch, ice cream cones, and other snacks of residents’ choice. Some of the activities offered are playing cards, hallway bingo, IPads, paints, craft making projects, 1:1 visits chatting (with proper PPE), hallway Bingo, newspapers, and current event articles. Those residents who wish to visit with their families while in quarantine or isolation are provided an IPad for Zooming or Facetime.

COVID Resources for the community